Compriband is a high quality tape, approved for more than 50 years.

It is a continuous elastic tape impregnated with acrylic, is proved BG1 acc. to DIN18542, flame retardent and high performance raining-water seal. Pre-compressed tapes are used in various fields, eg. for sealing the joint between window frame and wall or between 2 window frames, against insects in shutters, for panels, for facades, for roof tiles, for flood protection und many more. Compriband is an expandable tape which is used in a wide variety of movement joints and other applications for decades.


Multifunction tape, soft PU-foam, impregnated with acrylic resin, BG1 acc. to DIN18542, B1 acc. to DIN4102, min. 600 Pa tight against driving rain, -30 to +90°C.
Inside tighter than outside.
One tape for the whole joint, fast mounting, flame-resistant, high acustic insulation, continuous joint dehydration, permanently elastic.
Colour: grey and black.


A thorough impregnated sealant, proven for over 50 years, for strucutral-, civil and mechanical engineering. Best weather-sealant. Available in sheets, stripes, compressed in tapes, punched parts. Colour black. Causes no corrosion.
Colour: black


Quicker, easier, more efficient! The world first Compriband without peel-off strip! 30% less time for mounting. Any type of Compriband can be equipped with this Revolution (except Compriband-N and Compriband-R+).


Continuous elastic tape impreganted with acrylic, BG1 acc. to DIN18542, flame retardent and high performance raining-water seal. Deployment to 85°C, for steel/metal-, automotive and facade industry. Available in stripes, punched parts and sheets up to 2 meter, as well as precompressed in rolls (tapes).
Colour: grey


Open cell impregnated foam sealing strip, BG1 acc. to DIN18542, weathertight against driving rain, including flame retardent, high life expectancy even under mechanical loads. Resists from -30° to +90°C , available in rolls (precompressed tapes).
Colour: black/anthracite


Soft foam with special impregnation for wood-, metall/steel-, acoustics-, facade-engineering, HVAC. BG2 acc. DIN18542, at least 600 Pa rain resistance. Especially for interior applications or covered on the outside. Best quality/price ratio.
Colour: grey


The Compriband-B300 is a joint sealing tape made of impregnated foam. It is used for outer and inner sealing of joints and connections in the window, and the entire building against rain up to 300 Pa.

Vespa - special packaging

The new patented, clever packaging ensures stability and longevity, saves time, prevents drying of the tapes, no extra packaging needed for shipping of each role.


Continuous elastic foam with special impregnation for sealant in metall- and prefab components construction, roofs. Resists from -30° bis +90°C.
Colour: black


Open cell impregnated strips with cover: after mounting the joint can be opened without damage of the sealant. High quality seal. For engineering in the fields of steel, structural, sheet metals and especially light domes.
Colour: anthracite / grey, adhesive on one side or without.


The particularly permanently elastic high-board sealing strip, impregnated with special bitumen for fast and quality-proof sealing between high-curbs for a maintenance-free joint. Particularly high aging resistance. Easy installation with self-adhesive strips. Dimensionally stable high-board sealing strip (no outflow of the joint). Root resistant sealing strip, no vegetation of grasses. Customized for standard high curbs. Other dimensions easily possible.