Butyl-/Bitumen Tapes

Sealing tapes made of butyl or bitumen, very high adhesive strength, with aluminum, non-woven fabric, PE surface or adhesive on both sides. To seal against: moisture, wood frames, all iron-, sheet metal-, aluminum-, glass- and plastic constructions. Also suitable for sealing the construction joints. By nonwoven fabric surface the tape is ablke to be plastered and has a high Sd value. Additionally these tapes are used in vehicles, containers, caravans and automobiles.


Multi purpose sealant on basis of artificial indian rubber. High tacking adhesive in nearly every application. Constructions, overlapping sheets, automotives, againts corrosion, etc.


Serves as sealing of floors and walls or in bathrooms and rooms to avoid water permeability. It consists of butyl compound provided at one side with self-adhesive and protected with polypro-pylene film. The fleece is the ideal area for fixing wood-/PVC-covers etc. by adhesives. The tape is strengthened with fiber optics to reach a greater stability.


Is used in a wife field of applications: Masking of coating sheet isolations, permanent sealing of pipelines and ventilation ducts in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, sealing in the roof area (gutters, overlap of corrugated roof, chimney connection, etc.) by installation of windows, for window sills etc.


Elastic cold adhesive tape of butyl rubber glue with high tensile, up to 400% elastic aluminium coloured polyethylene film.