Sealants EN45545 and UL94 for Railway-Vehicles

Specially developed sealing tapes for the rail vehicle industry.
New products certified according to EN45545-2:2013 and UL94.
These special tapes / seals meet the requirements of EN 45545, which is compulsory for materials used in rail vehicles. The standard EN45545 has been established as a European standard and is intended to test the safety of the built-in products in case of fire. Since the standard EN 45545 (or also DIN EN 45545) demands high requirements, only a few seals meet this standard EN 45545.
As we continue with the research and development of these tapes, we are in a position to update constantly our range with new versions for sealants fulfilling the standard EN 45545.

Compri-cr (rail) / EN 45545-2

Neopren tape for rail-vehicles according EN45545-2:2013 and UL94 certification.

Compriband-Kombi (rail)

Tape for the railway-vehicle industry.
According to EN ISO 11925-2:2010 and UNI CEI 11170-3:2007.
Permanent opening/closing of the joint possible!

Compri-lowS 33-4 / EN 45545-2

Especially suitable for self-extinguishing applications with low emission and marginal toxicity, mainly used in the field of the automotive- and rail-vehicles sector,
meets the requirements of the European standard EN45545-2 within the categories HL1, HL2 and HL3 for R22 and R23 easily.