Neoprene pad/terrace pad/non-slip mat

Products made of elastomer / PE-foam composite, which can be used in many different areas due to their different composition and hardness. Examples: terracing, noise protection walls, anti-skid of cargo and much more.

Neoprene pad

Foot plate bearing for force-fitting connection between the upright and base, pads between base elements and foundation, resistant to all weather conditions, high temperature resistance. Non-perishable and recyclable. Optimal interim storage, to compensate for any unevenness for a secure grip.

terrace pad

Pads for terracing undercounters, protection against ascending moisture, impact sound insulation, high tensile strength, no fragility, no fungal attack, high load capacity, non-rotable and recyclable.

Non-slip mat

Ideal as a non-slip pad on loading areas of trucks and vans, can be laid on loading areas, as a strip or point support for securing pallets or other loads, high load capacity, perfect rescissionability, non-rotable and recyclable.